First of all: We are a team

Vale is a dynamic reality which, committing a continuous duty and professional care of our staff, is offering every day consultancy and collaboration to realize innovative projects. Assisting and supporting people, company and organizations to improve and succeed the daily challenges of the working environment is our main goal. Vale S.r.l.s is an essential and core partner of our customers.

Excellence create excellence

Passion, intuition and innovation. Develop essential solutions demanding excellence with a high technological content. Every day we reply to needs and ideas suggesting the most efficient solutions to support concrete project creation. We contribute to leads the development of each people objective. More than a mission this is our way of support one unique target: your success.

R.Russo – MD and Avionics medicine reference – Vale srls

We work with passion for your health and safety.

D.Giovando – Occupational Medicine reference – Vale srls

At VALE s.r.l.s. (medical and sanitary service society and outpatient organization) you may execute:
– Specialist Medical examinations,
– AeroMedical examinations (for the psychophysical suitability of I, II, III Class, Lapl, Ppl, Cabin Crew Fit, Para), and
– Occupational Medicine examinations (Preventive and Periodicals).

All medical visits are carried out by a team of Medical Specialists, ENAC / EASA certified Aeronautical Doctors (for carrying out the professional activity in compliance with the provisions of the European Union on the adaptation to the Air Crew Regulation EU Reg. No. 1178/2011 as mandate from EU Reg. No. 290/2012 applicable from 8 April 2013) and Specialized Doctors.

Where we Are

We are located on 5 sites that ensure a complete presence in the entire North Italy.

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Other information

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