During previous days EASA published the following recommendations for all Operators and crew members.

We kingly suggest you to read it carefully, because it include many high important rules for your healthy work.

  1. Due to their increased exposure, crew members are strongly recommended to receive COVID-19 Vaccine as soon as they become available in accordance with the national COVID-19 vaccine launch plan.
  2. Operators and crew members should consider a 48-hour waiting period after each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, before crew members are required to be employed in any flight-related duties in accordance with licensing privileges. flight crew or cabin crew attestation held. This
    the interval could be extended to 72 hours for crew members performing single-crew flight operations.
  3. Crew members are advised to consult their AME if side effects persist for more than 48 hours after vaccination and, in consultation with the AME, extend the waiting period until such time as side effects disappear completely.
  4. Crew members are reminded to take into due consideration the requirements of MED.A.020-Decrease in medical fitness and the corresponding GM1 MED.A.020.
  5. AMEs and AeMCs conducting crew medical examinations should encourage consultation on the indication and side effects of vaccination.
  6. National Competent Authorities should avoid different waiting periods between crew vaccination and flight operations, unless duly justified by medical publications of the EMA, WHO, ECDC or EASA regarding adverse reactions of vaccines. COVID-19 . Furthermore, in such cases NCAs should consult EASA before the implementation of the different waiting periods.
  7. NCAs are recommended to consider the above recommendations in the context of their supervisory activities

For further details look to the attached EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB 2021-06

The Vale srls personnel (both administrative and medical) is available for any query, to support your daily needs.

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