Class 3 Medical Certificate – Minimum periodic requirements

This part, related to the minimum periodic requirements, has to be attached to the issued medical certificate.

Classe 3 – ATCO/FISO
Initial examination Renewal/revalidation examination Aeromedical Center (AeMC)
Aeromedical Center (AeMC) or Class 3 certified AME
Validity of Medical Certificate
(the revalidation examination may be undertaken up to 45 days prior to the expiry date of the medical certificate)
under 40: 2 years
over 40: 1 year
(a medical certificate issued prior to reaching the age of 40 shall cease to be valid at 41 birthday)
Blood pressureat each examination
Blood Test if any, shall be determined by AME or AeMC taking into account the medical history and following the physical examination
Lipid profile at initial,
at age 40,
then if indicated
Electrocardiogram at initial,
every 4 years under 30 years, then every year
Extended cardiology examination at 65 years,
then every 4 years
Comprehensive ophthalmological examination at initial examination
every 4 years: if refractive error ≥+3.0/-3.0;
every 2 years: if refractive error ≥-6.0
if astigmatic component ≥3.0 if anisometropia ≥3.0
Routine ophthalmological examination at every examination
Tonometry at 40 years, then if indicated
Colour perception
(Ishihara Test and Anomaloscopy/CAD Test)
at initial, then if indicated.
(Ishihara Test at every examination)
Routine Otorhinolaryngology examination at every examination
Pure-tone Audiometer at initial, then
under 40: every 4 years
40 plus : every 2 years
conversational speech test at every examination
Pulmonary function (test) at initial, then if indicated
Urin analysis
at nevery examination

The complete requirements are listed in Annex IV Part ATCO.MED to (EU) Regulation n.340/2015 and related EASA “AMC and GM to Part ATCO.MED”. Note: Any test may be required at any time if clinically indicated.
Sub-examinations may be anticipated in order to coincide with the periodical examination.